Biely kameň (“White Stone”) is a medieval Gothic castle ruin from the 14th century  – a treasure hidden amidst the wilderness in western Slovakia. The castle has been falling into ruin since the 17th century – despite being considered national cultural heritage, it has received very little attention and care thus far.

It’s become overgrown with ivy, swallowed by the forest and its walls are collapsing. We founded a non-profit organisation with an aim to save White Stone and restore its place as a site of cultural and historical importance.

Over the last few months, volunteers have helped us purge the castle walls from ivy, but the walls continue to dilapidate, oppressed by tree roots growing underneath. These will need to be removed and before any conservation work can begin, we also need to obtain a land survey plan, a structural engineering analysis and complete historical research of the ruin.


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With your help, we can turn White Stone into a safe and pleasant place for visitors, and preserve its wonderful atmosphere. Together, we can save a piece of medieval history for future generations. Thank you very much!


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CASTRUM SANCTI GEORGII,   non-profit organization

Address:  Pezinska 78, 90021 Svaty Jur, Slovak Republic

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